Finding perfect rings

As girls we have all had our days day dreaming about our perfect man, our perfect wedding, our perfect honeymoon and of course the perfect ring. There comes an age where we start having friends getting married one by one. And as we gather for our weekly lunches we find a glimmering new ring on one our friends, the jealousy ensues us and we cant wait until our own man brings one to our fingers. Rings have always been a symbol of love and commitment, it symbolizes the eternal commitment one has to our loved onesRings have been a part of our society for ages, dating back all the way to over 6000 years ago. The tradition of giving and receiving rings have been a vital part in our culture, its a tradition brought forward by our ancestors and will always have a strong role in our community. Ancient Greek and Roman culture were the first to popularize rings in their fashion, influenced by Egyptian rings they brought it back to their community.


The common ring
Rings comes in a variety of fashions, for everyday use, special functions, and even just a unique accessory on a night out on the weekend. Rings are usually found to be ornamental jewelry worn around the finger and they can be made out of a variety of materials, but most often you will find them made out of metal. Gold and silver have been the most popular fashion trends in rings, they provide a beautiful aesthetic to rings and also allow you to keep them for generations. Even in gold rings there are different variations, coming in rose gold, yellow gold, platinum gold or just pure gold. When it comes to rings you will always have an unlimited amount of choices.

Ring sizes
Picking the right ring for yourself will always be tricky, most of us wouldn’t want to have our fingers loaded with 10 different rings. We don’t need a bunch of them to make us look good, one singular ring is all its needed to stand out in the midst of everybody. First of all understanding sizes is a key to picking the right ring, especially to all you men out there thinking of buying one for your lady. Rings like any other clothing come in a variety of sizes and it is essential that the ring fits. There are different standards of measurements of ring sizes, varying to country to country. The most common is the American standard. It ranges from size 3 to size 14. A size 3 is 44 mm in its circumference and 14.1 mm in diameter. A size 14 is 72 mm in circumference and 23.1 mm in diameter. This will give you a rough idea of ring sizes. It is always best to know your ring size, go to your local jewelry shop and have it checked out.

rings design

Ring designs
Rings are usually decorated and its style is usually in its design. Although a plain ring is beautiful as it is, many people decide to have different designs to accentuate their styles and outfits. The more common designs are usually engravings and more complex designs would involve gemstones and various ornaments on them. An engagement ring is a great example of intricate and distinct design. An engagement ring comes in various settings, where the ring is designed to hold the diamond. An example of a ring setting would be the prong setting, where you have claw-like prongs holding the diamond or the common bezel setting where you have the metal rim surrounding the diamond. Ring designs will always vary from jeweler to jeweler, but its essential to take its design into account before buying one.

Rings will always have an immortal role in fashion, it will never go out of fashion. In our day and age rings are not only a fashion statement but a symbol of love and commitment for many people. Picking the right ring is never easy, the choices are unlimited to us and we have a finite mind. But understanding the basics of rings, we find that choices are easier to make and we would find the perfect ring for ourselves. Finding the perfect ring is like finding a needle in a haystack, insane but not impossible.