Remy Brazilian Hair – Get the Real Deal

Remy Brazilian hair is hair from a real donor that includes the root end. All the cuticles remain in place with the strands facing the same direction. This is why remy hair is sometimes referred to as the äacuticle hair The hair is natural and has not been subjected to any kind of processing. This means that the hair has no effects of chemicals such as relaxers, perm, colors or dyes. As a result, virgin remy hair remains the purest hair available in the market.

The problem with virgin hair is that, you can never be sure of its originality especially when you are not buying it from a reliable beauty store. As a result, you should take time to observe the hair. To begin with you should inspect the hair to determine its color designation. Normally, remy virgin hair comes in color designation #1b and #2 for brown and black respectively. Furthermore, the coding indicates that the hair has not undergone any chemical processing. On the other hand, synthetic hair that has been dyed to produce the desired shade comes with a package that contains a color label.

If you wash Remy Brazilian Hair and see some dye coming out, you should be sure that it is not virgin hair. It is important to note that, there are some companies that purport to sell virgin Brazilian hair but in actual sense it is not. These companies go on further to attach a heavy price tag on their hair products in order to fit in the salon category. As a result, it is important to know how to tell between real virgin Brazilian hair and the fake.
How to authenticate Brazilian hairHow to authenticate Brazilian hair
If you want to tell whether Brazilian hair is real or not, the first thing you should look at is color. A real remy Brazilian hair will always have the donor’s color. If you are looking for brown hair, the genuine remy will usually be a little lighter than hair rated #1b in the stores. In addition, this color will not be uniform all through as the natural shades of hair color are still present. Furthermore, there is likelihood of finding grey hair in the package as it is normal for people to develop gray hair.

Secondly, you can look texture in order to determine the authenticity of the Brazilian hair. A natural Brazilian hair is not overly straight and silky. You will find course areas where the hair resembles that of colored women. Synthetic hair on the other hand is treated with artificial hair straightners that gives it a silky look. However, if you pass your hand over it, you are going to feel this coating.
flame hair testThirdly, you can perform a flame test. In this method, you cut a small piece of hair from the one you purchased before placing it on top of a small flame. A candle works best in this. Synthetic hair is flammable and it is going to produce a big flame. On the other hand, when remy Brazilian hair comes into contact with the flame, it produces smoke but does not catch fire. Lastly, if you want a more through test to check whether your Brazilian hair is genuine or not then, you need to perform a wet test. Synthetic hair feels heavy when wet. To the contrary, Brazilian hair will not hold water and will retain its patterns even when wet.

Buying remy Brazilian hair is a good idea as it not only has superior hair texture, color and shine but also, blends well with natural hair. In addition, virgin Brazilian hair offers both quality and versatility that you cannot find elsewhere. It is easy to clean and maintain as it does not get tangled easily. However, you should ensure that you are purchasing the real virgin Brazilian hair. This will not only provide you with the benefits of natural hair but also, will ensure that you get value for your money. By looking at the texture, color or continuity of the product, you will be able to tell whether the hair product is real or not. However, if you can, you should perform more accurate tests such as the flame or water tests to check the validity of the hair. Remy Brazilian Hair – Get the Real Deal

Imperial crown accessories have you covered

crown accessoriesAn accessory is something that is added to a thing to make it more attractive or more useful. Everybody loves the crown. At imperial crown accessories you will find all types of crown accessories you have ever thought of. Are you planning a wedding and all you want to be is a queen on your special day? Well, Imperial Crown accessories have you covered. You will find crowns made of all materials like Crystal Tiara queen crown that is light and covers part of your forehead giving you a beautiful look. The crowns are made of gold or silver, and they vary in sizes. There are crowns for adults and those of children. At Imperial crown accessories you will find crowns that are very unique. You are spoilt for choice because there a variety of crowns from those with a big base to those ones with a slim one depending on which one you are more comfortable with. The crowns have been decorated with diamonds of various types and colours. Male crowns are also available.

Imperial Crown accessoriesThere are also other accessories found at Imperial Crown accessories. Rings of all sizes are available, be it engagement or even wedding rings that have been decorated with a crown and they are very beautiful. There are crown earrings made of various materials like sterling silver and gold. But you will also find perial crown Zircon and platinum plated crystal stud earrings. They have different colours that are quite appealing. There are also dangling ones with the dangling part with a crown on it. The crowns are so strategically placed you will be amazed at the creativity. There are others made of pearls but ends up making a crown. Another material used to make the earrings is diamante. There are also other hair accessories that you could put on a normal day when there is no occasion. Head bands that have been attached a crown to it, very comfortable to wear for the children. The ones for small children are made of acrylic material thus making them elastic and comfortable for the child. The head huts have been made of wool but have been accessorized with crowns making the child feel like a prince or princess.

At imperial crown accessories you will find bags with crown accessories. There are small crowns that have been attached to bags giving them such an elegant look. Watches of stainless steel are available at Imperial crown accessories; others are made of gold and silver and gold. There also wrist bracelets and neck cuffs that have been given a crown touch on them.Little girls’ shoes that have been accessorized with crowns are available and for the boys there are bomber hats that are unisex that are great especially during winter. The children’s writing and drawing will never be the same again as there are pencils that have crown tops and have refills that are very colourful. The ladies have their high heels covered with elegance since the shoes have been made with a silicon touch on them, and there is a crown touch added to the shoes.

Imperial crown accessories also look into making your whole house feel like a palace. They have handles for your kitchen cabinet that are of good quality and long lasting. To give your car a sense of fashion you can also accessorize it with hangings from imperial crown that will give your car a new look and feeling. There are stickers that you can introduce to your refrigerator and smaller ones for your phone that will give them a stylish look. There are bathroom taps for your bathtub with firm handles. Whatever accessory you want for yourself, your children, house or your car is available at Imperial crown accessory at an affordable price.

Malaysian hair bundles generally has an extremely luxurious feel

Malaysian hair bundles is the name given from Malaysian hair country of decent, Malaysia. Malaysian hair bundles is a highly sought after texture and has become very popular amongst celebrities,have you seen celebrities lately with dark, beautiful, shiny and glamorous hair and can’t help but envy them? Yes, that is Malaysian hair bundles. Malaysian hair bundles generally has an extremely luxurious feel and is sleek and shiny.

This malaysian hair bundles originate from Malaysia, as you already know by now. Malaysia is mapped at the southern part of Asia, near Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam. Women of this countries decent donate their own hair at Malaysian temples in order to help their financial situations or as offering to show and affirm their commitment to the gods, and although this practice is common, it’s not very common in Malaysia as it is in many other countries such as India. This makes the price of malaysian hair bundles higher that any other type of hair because it’s not readily available.

Malaysian hair bundles have a lustre that is low to medium a lot like the Brazilian hair. It’s generally very dark close to black, although some bundles may have lighter ends. It’s heavier and thicker and more dense than most virgin hair. When washed this hair dries straight with a slight wave. The hair comes in styles that vary, below are some of those styles.
malaysian straight hairMalaysian Straight Hair Bundles: This hair is in many colors. It can range anything from light brown to dark brown and to almost black. The texture of the hair is straight but it may also have a slight wave at the time when it’s collected from original donor or even after it has been washed, but just a slight unnoticeable wave.

malaysian curly hairMalaysian Curly Hair Bundles: For those who love curly hair then it’s best to buy Malaysian bundles that are steam curled. However it’s important to be very careful while purchasing this curled hair, it should not be too tight curled because that is an indication of that it may have been unnaturally treated with some curling procedures that may have damaged the hair cuticles. you see Steam curling allows the hair to attain that wavy pattern without having to add harsh chemicals in order to achieve the look. Malaysian curly hair bundles is thick, and has a beautiful curl pattern, giving you that celebrity look you have always desired. The curls on the hair hold very well without the need for additional curling products, not even holding sprays. This hair is simply amazing.

malaysian wave hairMalaysian Wavy Hair Bundles: This on is considered very heavy and think when compared to other virgin hair such as Indian hair, but soft and thin as well. It’s very silky and has a beautiful and natural shine. this particular Malaysian hair this beautiful wave pattern that allows it to blend in with medium and course textures. The the wave pattern tends to hold up well in any condition. The fact that it has a natural look makes it look even more fabulous when worn. So generally Malaysian hair bundles blend in very well with most hair types including those of African American and Caribbean decent, but if you feel that it might not blend in with your type of hair, you can always purchase a Malaysian hair frontal or closure together with your Malaysian hair bundles. I would strongly advice against using too much oil spray on the malaysian hair bundles because this will make it appear shinny and also look a bit ‘ wiggy’, not that I have anything against wigs. I would however suggest that you achieve that moisture buy using leave in conditioner after washing the hair for re-use. The only problem with this particular hair is that it only available in the dark colors, it’s also new to the market which makes a little more expensive than other types of virgin hair.

The best thing about Malaysian hair bundles is that it’s less likely to freeze up at up due to moisture or humidity, this makes it very low maintenance, and who wouldn’t love low maintenance virgin hair? I know I would. Given it’s versatility, beauty and popularity, Malaysian hair definitely deserves it’s place at the top of the list of the best hair choices in the world.

Pearl Necklace With Everyday Clothing

Pearl NecklaceAccessories are a must have for most women. From bracelets and rings, to necklaces and earrings, accessories help to make an outfit complete. When a person meets you, their gaze goes to your eyes, and then to your neck. One of the most important accessory every woman should have is a necklace, and not just any necklace, a pearl necklace. No matter the time of year, or what you wear, a pearl necklace goes great with just about any outfit. If you thought you didn’t need a pearl necklace before, well, get out your credit card and get ready to go shopping! This article will give you tips and tricks on when and where to wear a pearl necklace and tell you why you need a pearl necklace in your every day life.

For some women, it’s all about jeans. Jeans are great for any time of the year, short or long. Jeans go with any color and jeans can even be suitable for job interviews. Just because you like jeans, does not mean you cannot wear your mother’s pearl necklace. Infact, the white of the pearls brings out the color in not only your shirt, but the darkness or lightness of your jeans. Jeans can give some women a rather, not sophisticated look. But that is not true. With your pearl necklace in place, you can be sophisticated and comfortable! Let’s talk about dresses and skirts. Night time is a time for a woman to shine. She puts on her pumps and her little black dress or a nice red, flashy skirt. No matter what your night life apparel consists of, you cannot go wrong with a pearl necklace here either. We all know black and white are a perfect match. But what about that red, flashy skirt you bought yesterday? You do not want to go out looking like a mess, do you? We can take that red skirt and pick a nice top that not only goes with the bright red of the skirt, but also the bright white of the pearl necklace. As long as the bottom goes with the top, the pearl necklace can go with the top and make your ensemble complete and very attractive.

What about professional life? Ladies, the workplace is an important place to look your best and most professional. From skirts, to feminine business suits, pearl necklaces can also be used here to complete your outfit. Dress suits and professional attire usually consist of plain colors with nothing too flashy or bright. This is where the pearl necklace shines. You can wear that brown business suit with pride, while you wear your pearl necklace. How about that dark green suit with the long skirt? Don’t worry about that. Pear necklaces go great with dark colors and light colors alike.

Family life is no different. Being a mom is rough and some times you find yourself in a situation where you just don’t feel your best or feel like you look your best. That’s okay because no matter what you are wearing, a pearl necklace goes great with just about any color and any type of fabric. Going out with friends and unsure what to wear for an accessory? Throw on your pearl necklace. Pearl necklaces are flexible in what color, outfit, and type of fabric you are wearing. It is a woman’s go-to accessory for those unsure days. What about winter time when we are bundles up in layers of clothing? Pearl necklaces work wonders with sweaters. Along with the charm of the sweater plus the sophistication of the pearl necklace, you can’t help but look and feel good. You can sit inside your house with a warm cup of coffee, in your cashmere sweater with your pearl necklace wrapped comfortably around your neck, while you sit and talk with friends and/or family members. Sounds cozy, doesn’t it?
Pearl Necklace
Pearl necklaces are simple enough, but they can do wonders for your looks. A pearl necklace adds a little sophistication to your looks. Even if it’s just a casual walk or drive to the local store, wearing a pearl necklace says ” Yes, I may be just going to store, but I still look good and classy while doing so”! Even for you on-the-go moms, pearl necklaces take you from “soccer mom” to ” mother of three with a great job and even better life”.

Bow-Knot Headwear: A Mainstay Accessory

My favorite style of bow-knot headwear are the kinds sporting a giant bow. The clothes really do make the woman and wearing a big, pretty, crocheted bow on my head is a total transformation. I immediately feel cute and innocent. I like to wear this kind of bow-knot with a Lolita dress, since they mesh really well together and complete the distinct “girly” look. Even if my daily activities does not allow for the dress, though, just wearing the bow by itself gives me a feeling of lighthearted playfulness.

Aside from that kind of bow-knot headwear, I will also wear the sophisticated bow-less style. Sometimes, the girly look just won’t match what I need out of the day. When I need headwear that commands respect, but also keeps the hair out of my face, I’ll grab a neutral-toned bow-knot that lies flat against my head. These bow-knots also offer attractive symmetry to my look, giving me even lines that tend to draw the eye toward my center. This is highly important in business relationships, as those you are speaking with cannot seem to look away.

These more elegant bow-knots also look great with sun dresses. If I’m planning to go out with the family to the zoo or for a walk in the park, I can always find a matching bow-knot to complement whichever sun dress I choose for the occasion. It gives me a sweet, balanced look. The bow-knot gives off a sort of serene, mature look while the sun dress is fun and playful. If I decide on a more outwardly girly look, I can even pair the sun dress with the more flamboyant bow that I’d usually wear with a Lolita dress.

Bow-Knot HeadwearAll bow-knot headwear attractively frames my face with little to no effort. This is the perfect headwear for those busy mornings when I just don’t have time to do my hair. Although it effectively draws attention away from my simple hairstyle, it does command attention toward my face. Unfortunately, this makes it almost an absolute must that I find time to do my makeup.

Bow-knot headwear is also excellent for little girls. Children who are still learning to put their hair up by themselves will find themselves more self-sufficient with bow-knot headwear in their hair accessory box. It’s simple to just grab the bow-knot and slip it over your head, so they’ll be able to get themselves ready during those hectic school mornings! Not to mention, little girls look so adorable in huge, over-sized bows.

This headwear isn’t limited to just a fashion statement or an easier morning regiment, though. The more practical uses for bow-knot headwear include workouts and getting chores done around the house. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn the more simple bow-knots just to catch the sweat while battling the treadmill at the gym. It’s also a great item to keep the flyaway hairs from ticking your face when your bending over to pick up the kids’ toys or to sweep the dust into the pan.

Altogether, I’d say that bow-knot headwear is a mainstay hair accessory for me. It can offer so many different styles and options in my daily life.

Finding perfect rings

As girls we have all had our days day dreaming about our perfect man, our perfect wedding, our perfect honeymoon and of course the perfect ring. There comes an age where we start having friends getting married one by one. And as we gather for our weekly lunches we find a glimmering new ring on one our friends, the jealousy ensues us and we cant wait until our own man brings one to our fingers. Rings have always been a symbol of love and commitment, it symbolizes the eternal commitment one has to our loved onesRings have been a part of our society for ages, dating back all the way to over 6000 years ago. The tradition of giving and receiving rings have been a vital part in our culture, its a tradition brought forward by our ancestors and will always have a strong role in our community. Ancient Greek and Roman culture were the first to popularize rings in their fashion, influenced by Egyptian rings they brought it back to their community.


The common ring
Rings comes in a variety of fashions, for everyday use, special functions, and even just a unique accessory on a night out on the weekend. Rings are usually found to be ornamental jewelry worn around the finger and they can be made out of a variety of materials, but most often you will find them made out of metal. Gold and silver have been the most popular fashion trends in rings, they provide a beautiful aesthetic to rings and also allow you to keep them for generations. Even in gold rings there are different variations, coming in rose gold, yellow gold, platinum gold or just pure gold. When it comes to rings you will always have an unlimited amount of choices.

Ring sizes
Picking the right ring for yourself will always be tricky, most of us wouldn’t want to have our fingers loaded with 10 different rings. We don’t need a bunch of them to make us look good, one singular ring is all its needed to stand out in the midst of everybody. First of all understanding sizes is a key to picking the right ring, especially to all you men out there thinking of buying one for your lady. Rings like any other clothing come in a variety of sizes and it is essential that the ring fits. There are different standards of measurements of ring sizes, varying to country to country. The most common is the American standard. It ranges from size 3 to size 14. A size 3 is 44 mm in its circumference and 14.1 mm in diameter. A size 14 is 72 mm in circumference and 23.1 mm in diameter. This will give you a rough idea of ring sizes. It is always best to know your ring size, go to your local jewelry shop and have it checked out.

rings design

Ring designs
Rings are usually decorated and its style is usually in its design. Although a plain ring is beautiful as it is, many people decide to have different designs to accentuate their styles and outfits. The more common designs are usually engravings and more complex designs would involve gemstones and various ornaments on them. An engagement ring is a great example of intricate and distinct design. An engagement ring comes in various settings, where the ring is designed to hold the diamond. An example of a ring setting would be the prong setting, where you have claw-like prongs holding the diamond or the common bezel setting where you have the metal rim surrounding the diamond. Ring designs will always vary from jeweler to jeweler, but its essential to take its design into account before buying one.

Rings will always have an immortal role in fashion, it will never go out of fashion. In our day and age rings are not only a fashion statement but a symbol of love and commitment for many people. Picking the right ring is never easy, the choices are unlimited to us and we have a finite mind. But understanding the basics of rings, we find that choices are easier to make and we would find the perfect ring for ourselves. Finding the perfect ring is like finding a needle in a haystack, insane but not impossible.